Saturday, June 5, 2010

Double J's weekend race report

Double J writes:
Hey dudes, here is my weekend race report while its still fresh:
first off let me say that last week i worked more O.T. than X-mas week! Totally sucked ass.....
Sat: Me and Aaron competed in the N.B. TRI. the weather was perfect and about 60 people showed up. they put me in the 2nd heat which was a mistake, i think. i got out the pool 1st and proceeded to pass everybody but 1 guy in the first heat on the bike. I could see him in front of me the whole time on the run and he became my "rabbit" he was a pretty strong runner and didn't catch him until the last hill before the Finnish. then just turned on the gas and he had nothing, i turned around after the finish line and he was waay back. ended up 2nd in age group and 10th overall. 10th by 1 second, i might add.. real good day..
Sun: Me,Joe and Ed in the Cat 4/5 Oakmont. It was a fairly typical 4/5 race. little squirmy ( NOT ME this time) and pretty damn hot. i went for a 10$ and pizza PREEEEM and got passed on the last turn to the finishing straight. whatever. we hung in there till the end, and i got jammed up in the 2nd to last turn when there was carnage everywhere. ya know that god awful sound of bikes crashing and cuss words. just missed it, had to BRAKE really hard and actually locked up the rear for a sec or two, didn't come unclipped but effectively ended my race. BUT i did finish this year as opposed to last year when, inexplicably my crank arm fell off!!! ha
thats it, and planning to race Millcreek next week too... PEACE and enjoy the free day off... J

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